Energy Efficiency Auditing

California Diamond Energy Solutions, Inc. can conduct a Walk-through Assessment of your business or property to determine energy saving measures. We will also perform a cursory review of your utility bills. This is a Free No-Obligation Energy Survey if done as part of our utility sponsored energy efficiency rebate programs.

A brief customized report tailored to your business is generated specifying no-cost and low-cost opportunities. This on-site audit helps you identify potential steps you can take to save energy and money at your business. Energy-saving tips, possible rebates and incentives from utility companies as well as tax credits and savings from government entities are discussed.

Energy Survey and Analysis: a more detailed analysis is conducted, including a breakdown of how energy is used within the business or facility. Recommendations consider an owner’s operations and maintenance, constraints, and economic criteria. This extensive audit seeks to build a total energy management solution and takes a comprehensive view of all of your energy management options. Contact us for further information.

Utility Bill Auditing

  • Are you tired of trying to make sense of your utility bills?
  • Do you wonder or have questions whether you are paying too much?
  • Are you trying to make sense of your utility bills?

Utility bills are one of the largest operating expenses for a business and can have a significant impact on a company’s profitability. California Diamond Energy Solutions specializes in utility bill auditing and cost recovery. Utility company rate structures are fairly complicated, which can lead to potential errors. Hidden costs, charges for non-existing services, and complex billing codes could be increasing your monthly utility bill every month. Our services include water and sewage costs a source of hidden savings. Ask about our Utility Bill Auditing services.